Creating Harmony Through Good Behavior

Whether your dog is big or small, purebred or a pound puppy we would love to help! Call us today to get started at 937-307-1723 or contact us, find us on FB too!


Limited Vacation Boarding Services

After your dog has completed a one week residency program or you have attended 5 private lessons, we will happily keep your four legged friend while you are out of town, $25 per day. Discounts are offered to families with multiple dogs, long term stays (31 days or more), and military members.

Group Lessons

A great, cost-effective opportunity to work together with other dog lovers.  Check out our Facebook page for regular updates!

Private Lessons

We work one on one with you and your dog!

Residency Programs

Your dog comes and lives with us to learn how to live happily in our world, then we teach you everything she knows and how to get the same results at home.

Puppy Development Lessons

This training puts your puppy on the path to becoming the awesome best friend you envision him/her to be.

Behavior Modification

This training targets specific problems such as mouthing/chewing, jumping, barking, or housebreaking.

Basic Obedience Training

This training is the beginning of teaching your dog how to live harmoniously with people. He/She will learn to politely walk on a leash, sit, and lay down and stay when you need him/her to.


Every dog has his own unique personality and family dynamics are different from home to home. Because of these differences we tailor our services to your needs. 

Troy, Ohio